New in AWeber: Apps that Support Tagging

One of the biggest marketing trends we are hearing about this year is email automation. So I have to ask: Are you ready to dive in this year?
If you are an AWeber customer, it’s even easier to do so.

We are excited to announce that many of our top integrations support our email automation platform, Campaigns, by allowing you to apply tags to subscribers. This means you could use tags in sign up forms powered by third-party partners to trigger smart, automated email campaigns & deliver the right content to the right subscribers.

When AWeber users have been able to successfully trigger campaigns by using tags in our sign up form generator, bulk applying tags when importing subscribers or manually tagging subscribers, we know many of our customers rely on our trusted partner’s apps to increase their lists as well.
Here’re some of our favorite apps that now support tags:

Lead generation forms

Tagging subscribers when they opt-in is a good way to deliver targeted content based on their preferences & where they were on your site. And now that your favorite list growth tools that support dynamic forms, welcome mats, two-step opt-ins & A/B form testing can trigger automated campaigns, there’re unlimited opportunities to create even better experiences for your audiences.


SumoMe is a suite of proven site-growing methods to help you get more traffic, build a following & track your success every step of the way.


Thrive Leads is a lead generation plugin for WordPress. It is one of our more popular methods for optimizing conversions on your WordPress site/blog. ThriveLeads has an impressive amount of form types to select from, including a Content Lock that will let you gate content behind an opt-in.


OptinMonster offers powerful customer acquisition & lead generation software for marketers. They support multiple types of sign up forms & offer the ability to split test forms.

Optin Cat

Built from the ground up for bloggers & content marketers, Optin Cat is a WordPress plugin that includes everything you need to develop your email list. Their Exit Intervention Feature, for instance, displays a form as someone tries to leave your site.


Wishloop supports a powerful suite of website conversion tools to help you engage your audience & grow your email list. In addition to forms, you can build landing pages to greet & engage potential subscribers.


Privy supports a robust set of features that allows you to fine-tune the targeting & triggering of your sign up forms. We had a blast talking about data & signup form optimization with Privy founder Ben Jabbawy on the AWeber podcast!

Landing page & website builders

Pop-up forms are helpful, but sometimes your form is simply integrated into your landing page/site itself. These landing pages and site builders now support tags, which will let you to trigger dynamic automated campaigns depended on a specific page or form.


With Unbounce, you can build, launch & optimize custom landing pages for any campaign. They recently released Convertibles, which are targeted overlays that are simple to create &implement on any web page, blog/online store.

Sweepstakes, quizzes, and contests

One of the quickest ways to develop your list is to host a contest or sweepstakes, or offer your audiences a fun, interactive quiz. These popular apps integrate with tags, which allows you to trigger automated plans as subscribers sign up for your contest.


Build, run sweepstakes & giveaways that you can implement into any website using ViralSweep. ViralSweep is an all-in-one method that helps you grow your email list, increase social engagement & collect user-generated content.


With Riddle, you could grow your audience & learn more about them by creating engaging quizzes, polls & more. Riddle has a free WordPress plug-in as well.

Quiz Cat

Quiz Cat is a premium WordPress plugin that allows you build quizzes to get more traffic, social shares & email subscribers. Quiz Cat lets you ask users for an email address in order to see their results, making it a good list building tactic.

eCommerce, SMS, and Membership Sites

Tagging support is not just limited to form builders, landing pages & quizzes. Check out these eCommerce platforms, SMS tools & membership sites that are compatible with AWeber’s automation platform.


If you’re using Shopify, you can now tag subscribers using AWeber Connector by Combidesk. This is a good way to send contextual content based on a subscriber’s eCommerce behavior.


Check out ThriveCart, a fully-featured shopping cart platform that also supports tags.

Call Loop

Combine your SMS & email marketing strategy using Call Loop, which allows you to tag new subscribers.

WishList Member

WishList Member is an easy-to-use membership software solution that could turn any WordPress site into a full-blown membership site.

Event-driven actions

If you want to send targeted, contextual emails to subscribers depending on their behavior or specific events, it is possible when you use Campaigns with those great apps.


Do you want to know how your users are responding to your hosted videos? Check out OptimizePlayer, a video hosting platform with powerful digital marketing tools. With automation support via Campaigns & subscriber tagging, you could send your video viewers the right content at the right time depending on their video watching behavior.

AW Pro Tools

With AW Pro Tools you could automate list segmentation and tag subscribers depended on various triggers, including clicked links. The ability to tag subscribers depended on the links they click, automatically build segments, and deliver the perfect plan will make you an AWeber super-user!


With AWtomator, you could trigger emails based on event-driven actions like when a subscriber clicks a link, visits a specific page, stops engaging with your messages & more. AWtomator uses tags to seamlessly integrate with Campaigns.

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