How to Choose the Right Email Marketing Service

If you are still unsure which ESP is right for you, we have some great news! Most ESPs offer a hassle-free trial of some sort so that you couldtest the water and explore. Do not get stuck with an ESP that just does not measure up to your vision.

Get email analytics to measure effectiveness

Imagine you sent your first email yesterday & have no idea how your audiences reacted to it. This is tragic in the email world, but it happens.

Being able to track individual email stats is a must-have when selecting an ESP. Access to click-throughs& open rates, new daily subscribers & bounce rates are all factors you will want to know since they will help improve your campaign.

Keep in mind that not email marketing providers track analytics the same way. To make sure you understand what you’re getting, learn how the ESP you are considering gets its numbers.

Create beautiful, simple sign up forms

It is important to dress the part for a new client meeting, right? The same rule applies to your sign up form. Except you are not just promoting your business; you are promoting your email list.

That’s why it is important to look for an ESP that makes it easy for you to begin collecting subscribers right off the bat. A couple of notable features to keep an eye out for include pre-designed sign up form templates & a sign up form generator.

This way, you could choose from existing templates to save time, or you could build your own customized form.

Some ESPs will even offer A/B split testing for sign up forms. Let’s say you are stuck with2 designs and you are not sure which one will resonate most with your visitors. When you run an A/B split test, you could experiment with different elements in your sign up form to see which one performs better.

Also consider what level of personalization you could add to your sign up forms, like custom fields. These allow you to request more specific information in your form like the geographical location & other areas of interest your company may offer.

Select a provider with customizable HTML & pre-designed templates

When it comes to designing your emails, you could have the ability to do so with ease – regardless of your level of expertise.

Most ESPs, like AWeber, offer both customizable & pre-designed templates. You should look for a platform that allows you to build emails in an editor you are most comfortable with; drag and drop, HTML & plain text editors are some of the most common.

Consider segmentation capabilities

The secret to a successful plan is sending relevant information to the right audiences. To do so, you need clever segmenting capabilities to narrow in on targeted groups of subscribers.

Segmenting lets you send targeted emails to subscribers based on their email domain, click-throughs,demographicsand more.

Segmenting ensures that your subscribers just receive information that they signed up for at the right frequency.

Pick an ESP that integrates with other apps

If you use other tools to power your marketing & business (like WordPress, Facebook or PayPal), you will want to look for an ESP that syncs with it. This way, you could ensure people signing up to your webinar landing page, for instance, moves directly into your designated email list – saving you time & effort in having to do so manually.

Merging your marketing plans into one area helps you make the most of your experience. It makes it easier to automate your marketing efforts.

Get award-winning customer service when you need it

You are a business owner with limited time to wait on the phone for tech help. That is why you need to choose an ESP with a reputable customer support team. You need a team of trusted, knowledgeable individuals who’re available each day to answer your questions.

They should be accessible by phone, email & live chat to answer questions about importing lists, billing, scheduling emails and more.


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