Discover the Secret to Generating a $100k Income With Your Own Training, Teaching, or Mentoring Business:

The important thing is scaling a very simple system.

The secret is having just one clear idea and a clear path.

The key is creating one single thing to market AND START SELLING IT

If you are not selling 100 units of one thing . . It’s hard to earn $100k or $1 million or anything with a whole funnel.

You need to start fast!

Here is the thing . . .YOU CAN DO IT!

Now, I would like to create this easy for you …

I’m going to be teaching a brand new series of training, How to earn $100k in 2018 in my weekly training program …

This is a powerful training program, where I shall systematically teach you the steps to establishing your training and coaching business …

My weekly coaching program is where you receive the hands-on personal help I described earlier . .

And coterminously with this particular app, I am going to teach you systematically the steps to take for to $100k this season!

The way it works is that you come to my weekly telephone Tuesdays at 11 AM ET

You tell me exactly what you are working on.

I then shall give you a plan, or an idea, or even a headline, or anything you want.

You implement.

How would that feel?

Would that make a big difference to you, would that make it simpler for you to be able to quickly implement the ideal things into your business, to build a real business?

How would it feel to talk with someone that can give you real-world actionable guidance, week after week after week?

Here’s the thing, I would like to see YOU reach $100k THIS YEAR!

And when you speak with me each week, and receive week-by-week direction to grow and build your business …

You’ll become free to construct a business which generates $100k annually!

Currently, my weekly training calls are often priced at $97 per month, during open registration.

That is $1164 a calendar year, or $3492 for 3 decades.

However, I’m running a limited-time offer –

where when you enroll on this special page in the Upcoming few days

So that rather than $1164 for the year, instead of $3492 for 3 decades

But with this distinctive client upgrade offer – you’ll get LIFETIME access to my weekly coaching calls . .

When you enroll today, and extend your coaching to life time . . .

For just one low wso – style payment of:

Now, that’s a great value, all by itself . .

However, I wish to take this to another degree . .

When you register today, and expand your training to life time …

I will provide you unlimited lifetime access too to any coaching program or I am course I hold …

That’s right, you will get unlimited lifetime access to any coaching program subject or I am course I maintain at any cost …

By way of example, if I hold a 6 week $497 training class … you get accessibility

If I hold a $997 13 week high class … you get access

The way it works, is if you would like to be included in the class, simply send an email to my customer support (or a ticket system possibly later on) and you are going to be included …

This could be worth $1000s right by itself …

You are receiving access to every course I hold in the coaching or im subjects … which may be another $3500 or more!

So a total value of $7000 or more

When you choose to upgrade to infinite lifetime All-Access for one low payment today.

Now, perhaps you’re thinking, ok, why is Sean doing this?

Here’s what, you might know I am right at the edge of a new advertising … been putting the bits together, and plan to begin creating PPC traffic at a massive level …

I am improving my funnel, I’m increasing my prices there …

In fact, this is exactly what my new planned funnel resembles:

$187 — $387 — $997 — > training program $1000 or $97 per month

These costs have been optimized to affect conversion speed, gain etc …

For new clients . .

(and for people in my list who do not upgrade)

But before I move into the new version . . I would like to highly induce you to receive into life training, you receive access to everything . .

I’m going to be teaching a brand-new collection of training, the way to Get to $100k in 2018 within my weekly training program …

This is a powerful training program, where I shall systematically teach you the steps to launching your training and coaching business …

My weekly training program is where you get the hands on personal help I described earlier . .

And coterminously with that app, I will instruct you systematically the steps to take to get to $100k this year!


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