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Data Half was an enjoyable ride for us. Our user base keeps growing at a fantastic pace, this has allowed us to begin thinking bigger with all the features we could add and the information we could offer. As we continue to improve our abilities and include lots of these new developments into Keysearch we guessed it was a fantastic time to begin having fun with a few of the data at a new blog show we are calling”Data Insights”.

One of the earliest improvements in our newest”large Data” believing is the enormous Keysearch Keyword Database. Currently the database contains well over 1 Million keywords distribute over 42 different country certain databases.

Our Main database by way is that our US (United States) key word database. When composing this our US database had 353,121,457 key words inside and is increasing by millions daily. Since we’re a US based company and the vast majority of our customers are from the USA, this database is obviously going to be larger than the remainder. This makes it the ideal candidate to acquire some interesting data insights.

What Are We Looking For?

When doing keyword research that the hope is always to obtain some hidden gem key words with fantastic search volume and low competition. Search volume may vary from all the way in countless millions or even billions of searches each month.

What we needed to figure out was the way many Keywords really fall to different ranges of search quantity? Are there any infinite amounts of top search volume key words on the market that we simply should find? Or if we be tempering our exclusions on what lookup amounts we need to be targeting in our own markets?

Diving Into Hunt Volume

So we’re starting out with 353,121,457 The first thing we did was eliminate all key words that had no research volume. Though we save these key words in our database, we still do not utilize these as keyword tips within our instrument because they simply don’t have sufficient hunts.

This was a large amount of keywords, 213,938,452 to be precise. This was not much of a surprise for us because we gather everything. You will find many key words out there that simply don’t get hunted much whatsoever. Google itself has stated that 15 percent of searches being performed are entirely unique. These will not have some search volume.

You will also notice many occasions when you utilize our “Google Suggest” choice, a fantastic part of those keywords don’t have any search quantity. The”Google Suggest” alternative is revealing keywords that Google itself is actively indicating, as well as many of these keywords do not have sufficient search quantity to be eligible as 10 searches each month (the smallest amount of searches required for Google to demonstrate that the search volume for a key word).

Search Volume 10 – 20 Per Month

Now that we have eliminated those key words we’re next we assessed how a lot of the key words had a search quantity of 10 — 20 searches each month.


Wow! That is nearly 1/3rd of keywords that Really have some search quantity essentially fall in the smallest quantity of search quantity you could have to qualify for having any search quantity! This was a major surprise. We understood there could be many more key words with low search volume compared to keywords with high search volume. But we did not anticipate 1/3 of keywords to be between 10-20. This is a really interesting find.

Search Volume 21 – 50 Per Month

Next we checked all keywords with a search volume ranging from 21 – 50 searches per month.


Another significant shock here! We have only chewed Through more than half of the key words from the database and there’s just key words using a search quantity of 50 or even less. We certainly did not expect this!

Search Volume 51 – 100 Per Month

Our initial plan was to subsequently run 51 — 1000 But we altered that because we saw the number of key words were falling into these other smaller ranges. So instead we did 51 — 100.


This brings the tally into 119,833,818 key words from 139,183,005 who possess a search quantity of 100 or less. That is 86 percent of key words have a search quantity of 100 or not.

Search Volume 101 – 1000 Per Month

Today We’re getting into more considerable Search volumes so we conducted all key words between 101 — 1000. This returned


Keywords using a search quantity of 1000 or not. That’s over 98 percent of all key words.

Search Volume 1001 – 10000 Per Month

Here is the search quantity range that many People today seem to locate hidden gem key words in.


As you can see this search volume range is much larger than what we had been looking earlier and it just returned 1,929,928 key words that fall into the array.

Search Volume 10001 – 50000 Per Month

This search quantity range is obviously super Competitive but let us take a peek at just how a number of these keywords really exist.


That actually isn’t much! It reveals why standing For key words within this quantity range is very hard!

Search Volume 50001 – 1000000 Per Month

Now we see the amounts are dwindling somuch we decided to just do everything from 50,001 to 1,000,000.


This search quantity range is generally at the “do not even consider it” degree and you may see why. There are only so few key words on the market.

Search Volume 1000000+ Per Month

Now we ran all keywords with a search volume of 1,000,000 or more.

I’d say it is a safe bet that none of you personally Reading this position for any key words with this search volume. If you did You would be reading this in your own yacht and I would be thinking about why you’re wasting Your time reading this site!

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