AmaSuite 5 Review – Watch THIS Before You Buy

A Review for Amazon Affiliates and Sellers of AmaSuite

The Good your odds of new product sales with market research tools and their keyword. The software can allow you to find reviewers, and product reviews help improve product positions.

The Bad: A little light on the traffic generation details.

The Bottom Line: We don’t hand reviews out very often, but AmaSuite 5 provides a good deal of value at their current price point. Highly recommended.AmaSuite 5 Review

AmaSuite 5 Review

Last May, I reviewed Amazing Selling Machine (ASM) and noted that its almost $3500 price tag was a bit steep for some would-be Amazon sellers and affiliates. Fortunately, some members of ASM have created mini-communities and their own Amazon training courses, and often with entry costs. One such instance is AmaSuite, which is supplied through Chris Guthrie and Dave Guindon.

The software, which is now available in its fifth version, trains members to not only become Amazon affiliates that are successful, but Amazon sellers. How? The name of the game is selling private label and sourcing, not brand name, products. You can say goodbye to two of the challenges with making a decent profit via Amazon:

Amazon provides its affiliates either a 4% or 6% commission on sales, which means that you need to move hundreds of thousands of dollars of product to make a viable income as an Amazon affiliate.

Product license fees. If you get your own brand name products to market on Amazon (or through your own website), you typically have razor-thin profit margins because of high manufacturer permit fees.

Chris Guthrie is a well-noted online marketer and Amazon affiliate, and he’s promoted the Fullfillment by Amazon (FBA) selling platform for some time now. He declared that he recently signed up for ASM. From that point, his involvement with Amazon selling has deepened, to selling his Amazon products from hosting a mastermind group, to now offering a bulked-up AmaSuite 5.

  • The program is discounted to only $197. But even the program is still a bargain compared with the $3,500 charged for ASM.
  • Amazon research tools, including an Amazon keyword suggestion tool that helps you find the best keywords for your product niche.
  • A Top 100 analyzer that provides you with data on the hottest Amazon products based on earnings, reviews, etc., helping you to attain competitor information quickly.
  • A product inspector that will help you select competition products that are low which you can quickly rank well for and generate sales from. It’s essentially a niche marketing tool fitted for Amazon.
  • An AmaSync WordPress plugin and tutorials that help you set up your merchandise websites, generate content, and incorporate your Amazon products . You also get free WordPress topics.
  • This software tool locates reviewers that you can contact and ask for help from, which is an absolute must if you’re trying to sell private label products.
  • Social media tools and plugins that enable you to quickly post across multiple platforms, encourage Facebook Likes, implement pop-ups, show different ads, etc..
  • Educational courses on SEO advertising and website creation.

Amazon seller training:

By using the software tools and how to pick one or several private label products are explained.
How find and contact candidate product suppliers using Google search or Alibaba (that Amazon is now also affiliated with).
The way to generate revenue of your Amazon products and reviews using the supplied AmaSuite software tools.

What should you not get together with AmaSuite 5?

Promotion tools and guidelines. Unless you know how to create website traffic and promote market products, AmaSuite 5 won’t allow you to become a successful Amazon affiliate or seller. Having said that, AmaSuite does offer a Video Traffic Guru, which educates you on”how to drive traffic to your videos.”

Lots of hand-holding. ASM’s offerings include community support and a conference, also support with Amazon veterans. With AmaSuite, you do not get a lot of support and it’s assumed you are somewhat adept at selling on Amazon. After emailing Dave or Chris, you may be waiting several days for a reply. AmaSuite does offer a members area that you take advantage of and are able to log into to be fair.

Success as an Amazon affiliate or seller is determined by three factors:

Sales + Reviews + Outside traffic

Since the keyword and niche product research tools will help you select products that have low competition and thus are more likely to be suggested to buyers by Amazon with AmaSuite 5, you can enhance your odds of generating product sales. The software will allow you to find reviewers, and product reviews help improve product rankings.

Regarding traffic generation, you’re going to be spread out pretty thin. Even if you know how to generate traffic to Amazon products and your websites, you won’t find help if you encounter a problem. Additional help or tools might be necessary, particularly in the event that you don’t have enough time to generate AdWords ads, grow social media audiences, involve other affiliates, guest article on external blogs and websites, etc..

For the $200 or even $300 price tag, in summary, AmaSuite 5 provides a good deal of bang for the buck. However, if you are a complete newcomer to Amazon selling/promoting, you might be better off with ASM.

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