Is Bitcoin Revolution Program Legit Trading System or a SCAM?

Bitcoin Revolution SCAM — Review Uncovers SCAMMER’s Element!

Is Bitcoin Revolution Program Legit Trading System or a SCAM?

Bitcoin Revolution in bitcoin-revolution. Co pledges a trading opportunity that possibly earns you $30,000 per month. That is a deposit that is $250 that is little based on the presentation! We’re seeing video demonstration that quadruples a minimum $250 in an hour using the Bitcoin Revolution Program. As attractive as it seems, I find this trading software to be extremely suspicious!

I’m not saying that making money is hopeless. In fact, I have grown my $250 account to a few thousand before (check out my demo videos). To get to 4 times of $250 to a thousand bucks in an hour is very unlikely! Or earning a $30,000 per month from a deposit is short of a period and extremely unrealistic.Is Bitcoin Revolution Program Legit Trading System or a SCAM?

This warrant my review team because it seems like a complete fantasy to have a deeper look. Not a trading experience that we can trust. But rather it acts very much like a Get Rich Quick Scam even though it is denied by the presenter!

True enough, I’ve founded scamming factors that scammers use to sell quality trading software.

Is Bitcoin Revolution a SCAM?

Trading cryptocurrency has a huge potential, to be realistic. However, as I mentioned Bitcoin Revolution’s guarantees to earn $30,000 per month with $250 is unrealistic. And claims and false promises are a lie scammer use to entice investors! You can see these red flags in other scams we exposed in our Blacklist too.

I get a complaint email about Bitcoin Revolution Scam losing trades besides having a Get Rich Quick scam variable that is typical. Even the 94.3% trading precision mentioned by the presenter is a pure lie. In fact, the Bitcoin Revolution software performs at best trading precision. As we dig into the background of Bitcoin Revolution, misleading and false information was discovered by us!

For one, the team and creator of Bitcoin Revolution appear to have suspicious behaviour. As we examine the team CTO, Charlie Vasquez, Raul Thompson and Jane Fernandez, we can affirm they are characters! In fact, I saw this exact setup from the Bitcoin Challenge Scam I expose not long ago! This gesture promises potential to unrealistic profits and demonstrates that scammers hide behind a false identity.

At which we could check out a outcome the demonstration doesn’t even show trading history. The fact they’re using the false element to encourage FAKE $30,000 profits is a bad sign. We will show results using the real account. But we know better when it sounds too good to be true, not to trust false promises!

Additionally, Bitcoin Revolution Result that the presenter show us on its’ site is just another factor revealing more lies! The social proof seems to be using titles that are arbitrary and random images to create false success stories. In reality, none of these media accounts actually exist on both Twitter and Facebook. Very similar to the Bitcoin Revolution group that is entirely fake, they also use a conference picture to create a false belief.

They probably remade another scam with Bitcoin Revolution name after their intention was subjected by us previously.

Also, notice that the conference picture in the bottom of bitcoin-revolution. Co was stolen from Leb-EX Event Planning website. This is the trick we saw in Bitcoin Challenge scam where they edited the background. Hence, they strove to get trust by putting their brand!

Trading online definitely has the potential to earn some extra bucks for ourselves. But, each time to earn enormous profits it’s likely a scam.

However, it is possible to target for percentage gain each day. Make sure you check out some of my demonstration videos to see what is possible!

Bitcoin Revolution Review Verdict!

But at exactly the same time, Bitcoin Revolution Program does not provide trading results that are reliable to really develop a trading accounts. I shall proceed to put this scam on my Blacklist to warn my readers.

Poor trading software that employs these tactics that are lying tarnishes the industry, even though trading online isn’t a scam! So be sure to avoid lousy scams by checking my Blacklist.

Meanwhile, if you are interested in trade online, check out my List of Reliable Trading Option page for example of great ones. I have tested them and achieved some excellent results! Also, below is a sample of my movie you can check out in my Youtube channel!

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