KingSumo Giveaway Alternative and a Means to Save $200 Bucks.

KingSumo Giveaway Alternative and a Means to Save $200 Bucks.

Pay $200 bucks (okay $198.00) for a WordPress plugin that will help you give away contests?


I was going to start this review with”Stop the Madness!”

But decided to take another path.

If you haven’t heard my podcast yet allow me to cut to the chase.KingSumo Giveaway

One of the huge problems that the world wide web has is’experts’ throwing up applications and other offers for insanely high prices in hopes that their affiliates will make it a hit.

There are so many ways to giveaway products and create contests online that paying $200.00 bucks for a WordPress plugin is really way over the top.

Yes, there will be tons of testimonials and videos from affiliates telling you how great it’s — because, in essence, they’re getting paid to do so.

However, I believe we are seeing a significant shift in how online marketing has to be done.

Here is some evidence:

— Expensive software (such as Kingsumo) is starting to collect dust.

— Webinar signups are falling at an astounding rate (the only people who claim otherwise are selling one of the tech ).

— Your client’s email box is now a nightmare! Many people”select all” and delete everything there because they do not have the time to read any of it.

— Most online marketers are charging way too much for the information they are providing. (And you have heard the term”worth” enough to make you puke!)

You MUST give your new client a way to earn some decent money at no cost first without purchasing your widget.

Then they will move closer to see what else you need to offer.

In actuality, according to stats I’ve seen 95% of all downloads aren’t even opened (let alone read).

Believe me when I tell you that you must take this fresh approach to marketing anything you have online.

Again, you must HELP your brand new customer actually make money for FREE first, before you have any chance of gaining their respect and getting them to trust you.

(And”NO” trying to goose sales with affiliate commissions isn’t the path either. As soon as your customer learns that’the thing’ doesn’t work –“the jig is up!”)

According to Google’s Executive Chairman, Eric Schmidt, by 2020 there will be more than 5 billion new people coming online (to combine the 2 billion people who are already here).

And, yes, there’s a whole lot of money that you make.

However, you won’t find any of the money they’ll be spending if you’re still using worn out approaches.

Show folks how to generate traffic and make REAL money online for FREE first.

After you have done that — and they realize you really know what you’re talking about (i.e. the thing that you are offering”WORKS”) they’ll return to spend money.

(Nope, you can’t use a bogus email. Just enter a real email to have it then unsubscribe if you need ).

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