Is DesignEvo Work For You?

DesignEvo Review: Easy Professional Logos Design

In modern life, you can see logos everywhere, in the street, at the restaurant, on the product surface and so forth. The logo has become more and more important in our life, particularly for the business person.

A successful business requires a successful symbol, such as Apple, Toyota, Microsoft, etc.. A successful logo can not only express your company culture but also represent your company and attract more clients to you.

Is DesignEvo Work For You?

DesignEvo Review

Then how to get a successful logo?

To be honest, it is the best way to hire a designer to create a unique and suitable logo for your company, but it’s costly for a high number of small business owners and startups. Thus, there’s only one way for them to make a symbol by yourself-use online logo maker.

Here, I would like to introduce a great online logo maker named DesignEvo for you guys.

DesignEvo is an internet (now there is a desktop version for Mac) graphics tool that lets you make professional logos online easily. It’s quite easy to use, and it comes with an intuitive interface that you are able to figure out the way to master it in a couple of minutes.

DesignEvo has prepared a lot of resources for you, such as 3,000+ well-designed templates, millions of icons, 100+ fonts, qualified shapes and powerful editing tools. All of these are easy and free to use which lets you design your logo openly.

DesignEvo logo maker

Next, I’ll show you more details about the features.

If you have no breakthrough idea to design a logo from zero, you can use the pre-designed logo templates to complete a logo design quickly.

DesignEvo supplies 3,000+ free delicate logo templates for you, which cover a selection of categories, for instance, technology, sports & fitness, gaming, nature and so much more.

No matter what kind of logos you need, you’ll find a suitable template to begin your logo design. Besides, all of the templates are fully customizable.

It enables you to adjust each element of the template, which can’t only inspire you but also simplify your design procedure. Then it is easy to customize it to meet your specific needs.

By the way, there’s a search box on the front page of DesignEvo, which allows you to search a desired category with a key word and you can select a preferred template easily and fast.

If you wish to produce a brand-new logo by yourself, then you may begin from a professionally designed vector icon. Just enter a keyword in the search box, and DesignEvo will filter out a myriad of related icons in seconds.

The only thing you should do is pick and try to choose which one to use. There is a sweet thing is that it offers you a list of popular searches(20 keywords) in case you have no idea what to search.

What’s more, there is a quality that can keep some keywords that you’ve hunted to remind you what you tried to find last time.

It’s worth mentioning that the icons are vector icons, so they can keep the quality even if you amplify the icon to an extreme dimensions.

Stylish Fonts & Shapes:

Apart from the qualified vector icons, there are over a hundred of stylish fonts, and various of shapes await you to play around with.

All of the shapes are vector graphics as well so you don’t need to worry about the quality issue.

You will certainly discover one or two useful shapes to perfect your logo. What you need to be careful is that do not put too many elements into a single logo, it won’t boost your logo but leaves it in poor taste.

There are two different types of fonts, including classic fonts and art fonts. Every font is beautiful and well-designed that can express your company name or slogan in the best way.

You can edit the templates and images freely, resize, rotate, change background, colour, layout, effect and so on.

It doesn’t require many professional skills because it is born to serve ordinary men and women. You can just drag and click and everything will be accomplished easily.

If you are finished with your logo design, you’d better preview it before downloading, which may help you visualize your designed logo on several commonly used items, such as business card, wall, book cover, T-shirt and so forth.

So you can readily find out whether your logo design is perfectly fit your needs or not. Otherwise, you can redesign it to adjust something to meet your requirements. It can definitely save you a lot of time and energy.

When everything has finished, you can download your logo. It will give you two types of the output, jpg and png using a background. You can select the different one for different occasions.

See how it works with this video guide which will show you show to create a logo with a couple of minutes. It’s quite easy and useful.

A Few Logo Design Tips For You:

Too complicated design can create barriers to communication, so don’t be over-crowded in your logo. Keep it simple and use a few elements to combine and beautify it.

A intricate logo is not merely illegible but also hard appealing to the audience. To a point, simple means complicated. The logo is a mark, not a declaration.

It needs to be kept easy to talk more for your business and attract more clients to you.


This is one of the tricks we care about but not always great at. How to make a logo become a brand identity? Very simple, is the only identifiable.

Do not be ordinary. Your company is unique with a particular culture and marketplace management features, therefore it has to be considerate when designing a logo.

The so-called uniqueness method to make the ordinary object to be an extraordinary classic.

Every emblem is telling a story. If you simply treat the logo as a work of art or a pattern of lines and words, you may never understand the deeper meaning behind the logo. Ideally, a good logo speaks two tales: a shallow one, a hidden one.

If you can prove to your customers that the logo you’re designing is not just a shallow design, but instead a thought-provoking one, they will love it, even if it’s simple.

Final Words

DesignEvo logo maker is truly a helpful tool that provides you a chance to create brilliant logos easily. Don’t worry if you’re a newbie, and all of the features are easy to handle.

Believe that you can be a excellent logo designer with DesignEvo and you can create a stunning logo for your business.

If you’re a small business owner or simply an independent designer, come to work with DesignEvo and revel in your design journey right now!

The experience is marred by the free-not-free step in the end. As soon as you’ve already done plenty of hard work, you understand that your expectations are mistaken. Free is not free, and copyright ownership costs money. Perhaps that is meant to sway people into actually buying the non-free packages, but in my case, it actually created the opposite effect. I have nothing against paying for high-quality services, which DesignEvo is, however, the procedure must be clear, transparent and fair.

Emotional and financial aspects aside, if you do wish to design and style your own logos, DesignEvo offers a very flexible, intuitive set of tools and art work to get you engaged and excited. There are a few smaller things that could be improved vis-a-vis background styling and text alignment, but those are small niggles which you can easily sort out by yourself. The only missing piece is, have you got the perfect kind of imagination to create the ideal type of compelling visuals for your site or company? Well, that is something no software can offer. See you around, fellas.

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